Sunday, March 24, 2013

FamilyMint Review

FamilyMint is a program that can be utilized to teach your children money management. This is what their site says about the program:

"FamilyMint's Money Management Certification Program combines a 60-page step-by-step workbook with a fun online money management application for kids.  Kids that complete the 2 month program develop key money habits that will benefit them the rest of their lives."

In our family, I thought about this program and who in our family would be best to have work through it. I decided to let my 14 year old work through the program, and then write a review herself for the program. I did not have her register and use the online worksheets, because our children have limited access to the computer and internet. This program does have some excellent computer based resources, but since it is totally an option to use it without those resources, we chose to do it that way.

(Hopefully I will be adding more pictures of our own later...our card reader has broken and I cannot upload them at this time)

Her is her review:

When my mom handed me this book, I thought to myself "I am way too old for this, and I already know all of this stuff". However, when I started actually working through it, I realized I had been wrong.

I got my first bank account last year when I started babysitting. It is a "checking" account, but I don't use checks. I just have a debit card I use. I have not been good about tracking, saving, or anything. I also have a savings account, but it only has $5 in it.

The first thing I really likes about the "FamilyMint" book was the "SMART goal system".  I had never had a system of setting goals. I just decided what I wanted and sometimes I got it, and sometimes I was too impatient and spent my money before I had got what I wanted. I often have been disappointed in my ability to save for what I really wanted. I feel like through the FamilyMint book, I have finally learned how to set goals and attain them. I like having the worksheets to physically see my progress towards my goals. Looking at them helps to keep me focused.

Another thing that I learned a lot through this book was about budgeting. Not only did it teach me a lot about how I divide up my money, it made me realize how much my parents have to use their money for taking care of the families needs. It makes me more aware of how it can effect the family when I ask for things.

Interest has always confused me. After working through the section on interest, I called my bank to see how I can start earning interest through my own account. I have to save for a while to have the $500 to put into an interest bearing account, but I understand now how it will be beneficial.

I can now write checks and fill out deposit slips, which I couldn't do before. I feel like I have a good understanding of how to manage my money. It will help me when I am out and on my own in a few years.

I would recommend this product for all kids. It was written at a level that kids younger than me could easily understand, but I still learned a lot from it.  ~ by Michaela

This is a video from FamilyMint on life "Before and After FamilyMint".

FamilyMint has several different options available for purchase that range from $4.99/ month to $29.99 for purchase of the full program. There is an option available for everyone's needs.  There is also a FREE 14 days trial you can access. The options are listed here for you to explore. 


This review was done as part of the Mosaic Review team. I was provided these materials to review as part of the team, and in no way was asked for a favorable review. 

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Monday, March 4, 2013

I am "that" homeschool Mom...

I am "that" homeschool mom.

The one who doesn't fit in homeschool groups,
because I have a child in public school. 

The one who doesn't fit into public schooling groups, 
because I homeschool.

Yet, I do not consider myself a "public school mom", 
because, I homeschool. It is just what I do. 

One of my children goes to public school, to receive some education.
That being said, I think most of what she learns comes from her time here at home.

Why do I even care about "labels"?
I don't have a clue. 
But the fact is, I do. 
I shouldn't want to fit in (and in many ways I don't).
But still, I do wish that I didn't feel so alone.

In the homeschool community there is often a stigma associated 
with those who have children in public school. 
I guess it is a sense of superiority because "we" believe we have 
chosen the best way to educate a child. 
I know this is true, because I have seen it.
I have also been guilty of it.
I am still guilty of it.

Even though I have a child in public school, 
I think it is beneath her and the inferior way for her to be educated. 
Why is she there then?
Well, that story is long. 
I will save it for another day.
It has to do with her desires,
and my husband's (and my) desires to not make her bitter. 

I often find I am ashamed to admit that I have a child in public school. 
No one has shamed me, 
but because I believe it is best to keep children home for their education,
I am ashamed of myself for allowing one to be away.

Now, I said there was a stigma in homeschooling circles about public schoolers.
That is true.
However, I believe it to be more true in general public.
They don't understand homeschoolers.
They still think they are "weird",
even though more and more people are discovering it is NOT weird.
In fact, it is very natural. 
We teach our children every day, regardless of where they get their formal education. 

There it is, just a confession from "that" mom.
The one caught in the middle.


Troy Says: On the Human Body

What happens to food when you eat?
It gets all munched up inside your stomach.

What makes boogers?
Whenever your nose gets dry, the boogers gets, umm, uh...all dried snot.

Why do we fart?
Because thats just what happens to gas.

Why do people have different colored eyes?
Because that's just the way God made them.

What makes people have different hair colors?
Don't you get it Mom? God made us all different.

Why do we have 10 fingers and 10 toes?
So we could have on each hand and foot.

Why do we have tongues?
To eat and drink. Because, your tongue helps you chew your food with, um, your teeth and your tongue. And, that's it.

Do you think helps us talk?
Well yeah, because it just works along with our teeth to make us talk.

Why did God make different skin colors on humans?
I don't know. I think we're all the same on the inside. 

What would happen if we didn't sleep?
We'd all die. For sure.

What does a brain look like?
It might look like a glob of skin with blue and green veins attached to it.