Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An update on our family and schooling...

Homeschool is a journey.

It is what we believe in.

When our teens appealed to us to attend a school outside of home, we prayerfully considered it.
And, in the end, made the decision to try a different sort of school this year.
This school is a advanced pace high school with many electives and community involvement requirements. The teens are excelling there, and at this point we are okay with them being there.

We still "after-school"them. Which means, we require work outside of school and work on things that the school does not work on (such as Apologetics).

We are absolutely still full-time homeschooling Mr. Troy. 
He is doing so well to overcome his challenges and is finally reading AND writing.
This is amazing seeing as though we found out that he was legally blind just a year ago.
Also, he has always had developmental delays, and his motor skills are still quite lagging.
He works so hard every day and I am amazed at his progress! 

As for news as a family, we have certified to be foster parents! 
We have not gotten any placements yet, but they say it will be soon.
We will have two, under the age of two. 


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