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We Choose Virtues Review and Coupon Codes

Around our home, we try really hard to instill good character traits in our children. I say we try, but really sometimes we don't quite teach intentionally and therefore the importance of a particular trait is not focused on until a child noticeably deficient in that virtue. We concentrate on "yes sir", "yes ma'am", "please", and "thank you".  We are intentional in these things. Otherwise, it is usually waiting until a chance to practice a virtue is missed before we speak up to "correct" it. However, rarely do we place continual intentional focus on it. 

When I saw the "We Choose Virtues" products were coming up for review, I did a little squeal of delight. I was so excited to get these and begin using them. 

Here is a shot of the flash cards we received, along with a game suggestion card:

The traits on the cards are:


We also received a "Parent Card" which guides us in ways to focus on the character trait:
Our parent card was focused on "attentiveness",

I knew I had to tread carefully with my teenagers with this one. They can be very touchy, and quite resistant to anything that might improve them as people. It was certainly evident that I should have had a system like "We Choose Virtues" when they were younger! 

What I finally decided to do was pull the teens off to the side and tell them that we all had to work to retrain Troy. I told them that I needed them to participate so that they could help me since they often saw behaviors I didn't. They were totally on board with that! I do know though, by teaching, you are learning, and that is all that mattered.

Every morning at breakfast, the kids pull the flash cards out and go through them. Right now we are only focused on the "I am" statements (like on the Attentive card, which says "I watch and listen carefully"). In the evening, sometimes we pull them out and play games with them. Our favorite one has been for someone to make a skit and act out the lack of a virtue, and in order for the next person to have a turn, they must say the catch phrase (I am statement) on the card that would correct that situation. Then, the person who did the skit must fix their skit to show how to do the "right" thing. 

Another thing we do is "catching" others doing well in the virtues and praising them. The seven year old LOVES this one. The teenagers? They love catching each other NEEDING to remember one, and then point it out to them. Siblings... 

It was quite ironic that the parent card we got was the "attentive" one since that seems to be the number one virtue lacking in our home. Not just the kids, but us as parents too. We have used this card as our "focus" card for a month, and I can actually say we have seen an improvement! We have memorized the Bible Verse, and the examples of what being attentive is "not". We find examples to talk about, and relate it to planes (we live by a busy airport, giving us a lot of chances to be reminded). See, the attentive character is "Airplane Betty Jane". The parent card guides you to know how to relate the character to the trait creating an easy memory jogging tool for the child. Well, for adults too. I now think of "attentiveness" with every plane I see. 

Heather from We Choose Virtues has offered a LIFETIME long coupon code for the use of my readers here. The code is good for 15% off of your shopping cart. The code to use is: VIRTUE15

If you choose to make a purchase of the homeschool kit before the end of April 2013, there is a special code just for you! It is: Home20

There are so many products available for purchase, that I cannot list them all and their prices here. The Homeschool Kit is $98.99,  and has everything you need to complete the program. 

Another choice is the Family Kit for $69.99.

If neither of these options fit your budget, Heather (from We Choose Virtues) recommends the following: 

You can also see more reviews of this product starting April 3rd over at Mosaic Reviews.

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