Monday, September 20, 2010


This is what the big kiddos are doing this year. By the time we are finished, we will have done both 7th and 8th grade.

For language arts we are doing the Character Quality Language Arts-Red series (level B). This language arts series works on many things, but most notably character traits. I feel like this is an area the kids really need some work in, so I pray it works out the way I think it will.

For Math/Biology we are doing Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology (he says the two intertwine). I love Life of Fred. The kids think he is hilarious (he is). I would not have learned college algebra myself had it not been for Fred.

Veterinary Assistant (our science/ag). The kids really wanted to do science they would enjoy, so we are going to work through the veterinary assistant program handbook. This satisfies both a science credit for high school and an AG credit.

Civics/Government...I found this until study (a 200+ hour unit study) to do for government. They really need to understand our government to understand elections and the positions which we take on issues. After we finish this, we will do smaller studies on politics, since they are interested in them.

Spanish...we went with the old stand-by, tried and proven software, Rosetta Stone.

Bible...they will complete this book in just a few weeks and we will do the other books in the series.

Critical Thinking...We will do this as a family. Troy does not understand yet, but he will. This is only once a week.

Handwriting...Michaela's is decent but can use some work.. Tucker's, is almost illegible so he will work on it until it is neat.

Plus we're doing an online writing course. It is for the whole family, despite saying it is for ladies.

We will do various art and science projects, and the kids will be in music lessons at some point.

For Troy, he is following this curriculum:

I will be reviewing these different curriculums throughout the year.

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