Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My favorite go to item...

Is these wonderful little cloths, known as Bird-E towels. You can find them over at my friend's shop, on etsy. This is her description of them from her site:

"Bird-E Towels™ are simply fabulous, a wonderful way to cut the paper towel habit. They are a washable, reusable paper towel alternative made from ORGANIC fabric! My ORGANIC Bird-E Towels™ towels feel and act more like a paper towel (only better!) vs any of the alternatives out there! "

I use these for everything, and just placed another order today. I keep them for things such as regular cleaning, a dishcloth, wiping up spills, drying hands, and many many other things.

This is also a note on uses from my friend's site:

"Whatever you might use a paper towel for, you can use these cloths. Dry your hands, wipe up spills, clean the dining room table, dinner napkins, etc, etc. Even better then paper towels, you can actually clean glass and mirrors without leaving linty bits like paper towels and other cloths can do."

I just fold them in half and keep them in a bin in my kitchen corner. Makes them handy. My new ones, I will keep in the bathrooms for wiping down things and such.



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