Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homeschooling Momma, not what you think

Okay folks, I am now officially a "Homeschooling Momma". Yes, my kids are in public school and we are "after-schooling" (supplementing their education at home), but this is not what I am speaking of. What I am talking about is the fact that in August I return to college full time. One thing I have gotten around is taking College Algebra. I got credit for high school work and was allowed to take other math classes to satisfy that before. Not so anymore. I have to take the actual class now.

Easy right? WRONG! I am no math genius, though I used to be considered somewhat of one (way back in high-school, when I was dumb enough not to treasure education). I have lost those abilities. So, I am "homeschooling" myself in order to get ready for that class. I know that while homeschooling, I got Life of Fred books for my daughter and those books turned her from a math challenged math hater into a person who enjoys math and is in an accelerated math class. It worked for her, so why not me? I ordered Mr. Schmidt's book "Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra" and the "Home Companion" to go with it. I started working in it immediately, and let me just say it is so much fun!!! Yes, I just said "Math is fun" (well, sort of). Things are explained in a way that is pleasurable, understandable, and most importantly, retainable. My goal is at least 2 lessons a day, in order to finish by the start of the other course. I have taken a gander at the text I will be using, and frankly it already perplexes me and bores me. I so wish I had time to do the next book in the series, Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra before then. I do believe I will get them and work through them and hopefully stay ahead of the class so that I won't be boggled by the concepts that will be coming at me. Maybe if I accelerate my learning in this book, I can get to the next one and be way into it before classes start. Just maybe.

If you are interested in learning more about the Life of Fred series, visit the site here. I also want to brag on Mr. Schmidt as he promptly answered an email I sent him asking for advice on which book to purchase. Also, the shipping was lightning quick, getting here from California in 2 business days.

I am also doing Rosetta Stone (along with my children) in order to learn Spanish.

My husband says I have way too much ambition, but I think he's crazy. I guess I'll just have to show him.

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