Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweetest thing...

My birthday is Friday. I will be 35. For the first time in my 35 years, someone has called me and requested to have a "birthday lunch" with me. I am touched. I feel so loved and honored. 5 days in advance, someone thought of *me*. Someone who has only known me since october. I did not tell her it was my birthday, she saw it coming up on facebook. (It's Stephanie by the way...and we are going to a nice little restaurant here in town.)

Now, Gwen always remembers my birthday and makes it a HUGE deal, if only a sweet note and noisy phone call. A few years ago she sent me flowers. She always sends me a card. She is the only one that ever makes a big deal about it. My husband says "it's just another day, big deal". My mother lives a busy life. My kids, well, they're kids. Tuck is really excited about my birthday this year.

I don't know why it makes me so happy for people to try to make a day special for me. I never would expect anything, so it is all that much sweeter.

I am a blessed woman.


  1. Of course it's a big deal, it's the day God started getting you ready to be a big sister to me :) Who else would I call when I have a horrible cough or my Kacie bear has a scary raging rash or my Gabby is being incorrigible. Or who else would I want to be my Baby Momma. God sent you to me and I thank HIM for you, ALWAYS!!!! I love you and wish I could do more. *Happy almost birthday*

  2. This year, I too had a special birthday lunch. I have one friend, whom I always have lunch with every year because our birthdays are 3 days apart, but this year, I had another dear friend, request to take me to dinner, made me a necklace, and made a point to make time to take me out. It made me feel VERY special. <3 I got very emotional as well, and I totally get your feelings.


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