Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekly Book: Week 1

I am going to list the books as I read them and maybe do a review. This week I chose the new version of Linda Lael Miller's book, "Willow". I started the book and finished it within 24 hours. It was a great book set in the old west. Yes, it is a romance. Her characters and plots are really deep and I love being immersed in them. You will likely see a lot of her books on my list this year, as I gobble them up as soon as I see them.

I am also starting another book this evening, which is also by Miller. This one is "McKettrick's Choice". I have read all of the McKettrick series, and I am so excited to read the newest edition.

Starting out my list, here we go:

Week 1- "Willow" by Linda Lael Miller
1.2- "McKettrick's Choice" by Linda Lael Miller

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