Saturday, July 23, 2011

The A to Z of "why" we homeschool

I was inspired by this blog post at "The Homeschool Post". I certainly can agree with the A-Z's that this other Heather shared, and wanted to do my own. Some may overlap, and some may not. I think that this is an excellent exercise to thoroughly examine our reasons for the decision we have made in our home.

A- Accountability to God to train our children up in his ways.

B- Belief in knowing that following the prompting of the Holy Spirit to educate our children at home will plant seeds to sow great fruit.

C- Cherishing all the moments that would be lost if our children were being sent away for 8+ hours a day to be a number in a seat in an government institution.

D- Daydreams are building blocks of exploration into new areas of knowledge, and the children can explore the things they dream of instead of being trained to pass a test.

E- Excellence in homeschool is not how high one can score on a benchmark, but how excited they are about learning.

F-  Foundation...God is welcome here, his plan is the foundation of all knowledge. Too bad the public schools have chosen to ignore this fact.

G- Grace, as shown to us through Christ can be  modeled for our children and learned through practice and imitation.

H- Honesty. We all know what is expected of one another, and no administrator or teacher around here will have a hidden agenda.

I- Individuals. Yep, each of our children are an individual and at home they can have their individual needs attended to and adjusted for. They learn *their* way.

J- Jokes, laughter, is welcome at home.

K- Kooky, cause we can be and we don't care if anybody thinks we are. :P

L- Limitless: the subjects we can study, the hours we can spend on learning, the goals we can achieve, the people we can talk to in all walks of life.

M- Meals with the family are better for our children, and honestly for society in general.

N- No one is left behind. No, really! It's not a policy, it's just the way it is.

O- Oppression of our beliefs is not a factor, at home.

P- Playtime is also learning, not just a chance to get away from being confined in a seat for hours. We are never confined.

Q- Qualified, because God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

R- Restroom...pretty simple here. If they need to go, they can, at anytime. No, they don't have to raise their hand or get a hall pass.

S- Socialization, the true kind, not the kind you get from being in a classroom with people all the same age being trained to raise your hand and walk in lines.

T- Talks...the kind that would be missed if the children were away for the majority of the day.

U- Uncomplicated social of drug pushers, sexual indoctrination, and bullying.

V- Virtue (noun) is taught here. Defined: Moral excellence, goodness, righteousness.

W- What we wear is not of anyone's concern...pajamas are just fine for school, shoes not required. The latest fashions and trends only matter if *we* want them to. Our kids are free to express themselves as they wish, with a few guidelines from Mom & Dad.

X- (E)Xtra hugs and kisses when they are needed, extra snuggles too

Y- Young...they are only young once, and we intend to be the ones who have the most influence over them during this time. They don't need confromation to society, they need a firm foundation in who they are.

Z- Zoo's are a lot less crowded when the majority of other children are in public schools. This goes for many other cool field trip destinations too!



  1. Love it! I also did one. I put it under a TAB at the top of our blog.

  2. What a wonderful post! I should bookmark it, and print it, and wallpaper a room with it. Thank you. :)

  3. Great list and a reminder for all of us homeschoolers! I may have to make a list myself!


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