Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm just not that type...

Theme parks?




Those are al well and good...really. I don't mind a little bit of any of them. But when it comes to rest, relaxation, VACATION...I am not THAT type of girl. 

Me? This is the kind of girl I am...



I'm a get into nature, kick back, enjoy the sites and sounds of the simple life kind of girl. That is where my peace, rejuvenation, and joy comes from when it comes to "getting away".  Talk about getting closer to God...

So, what type of girl are you? (or guy)



  1. Well, I LOVE the Disney parks. But, they aren't a RELAXING vacation in the least little bit. I usually NEED a vacation after them. To me, the beach is a relaxing vacation. But, I'm really desiring to get back into camping - I grew up camping and think my kids would greatly benefit from the experience.

  2. tent....lake....cooking on a campfire....fishing pole.....yup, that's a good vacation!

  3. I've decided I deserve a Mom weekend away this Fall. I'm currently looking for something within driving distance where I can help and learn about beekeeping or setting up water catchment systems or solar power...something along those lines. Move over in the tent, will ya?

  4. I agree with you! I'm currently on vacation in a very touristy vacation spot (for a family reunion), but really, really miss just hanging out at our campfire, tent, etc. Following you from The Crew -- I'll be a TOG year 3 user as well.


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