Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anyone else WAY behind on buying their curriculum?

I am so far behind on buying curriculum...I mean, far enough behind to make my stomach do little flips. We still need (no, I am not kidding):

For Michaela:

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1
The Art of Argument
The Bridge to The Latin Road
Vet Tech Program
Vocabulary Builder

For Troy:
Math You See Primer

I also need to get something for Bible and Character training. This does not include any list of books we need to buy for Tapestry of Grace. I can't risk looking at the library for the first few weeks because we will be traveling a lot, and that just doesn't add up. We may be out of town for a month, and the library would certainly NOT appreciate that. 

I am stressing. I did not budget for our vacation, our homeschool stuff AND my illness. Boo!


  1. Heather, I have a copy of Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1, not the new one that keeps the grades for you, but we purchased it last year for Colt. If interested in a slightly used, but good copy, let me know. I'm wanting to sell it for $130.

  2. Oh no! I ordered it this morning. :(

    I will keep my ears out for someone else looking though. Did you list in on Homeschool Classifieds?


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