Monday, September 19, 2011

Are you suffering from "Maternalautoitis"?

Does your car look something like this?

I will admit, I have had days where my vehicle closely resembled this. Often times, I go to the door of a fellow Mommy-friend, and I see they suffer the same affliction. I have dubbed it "Maternalautoitis" (Maternal, meaning, well, I'm sure you have that...and "itis", meaning inflammation).  They always say the same thing I have said "my car is a wreck, sorry". It stinks. Sometimes literally. Kids can be so messy. We tried implementing the no eating or drinking in there. Yeah right. It works for some. Not for us. 

We seem to be in such a hurry, we never get everything out when we get out. 

I have discovered though, some excellent ways to keep it neater. The biggest, is to keep your trash under control. I have found this easiest to contain by combining something we always have to do anyhow, with making sure our car is cleared of trash. Everytime we stop to get gas, we do a trash drill. If the kids are with me, they know the drill & the know it is THEIR job to gather any and all trash up, and get it into the gas station trash as fast as possible. If it is just me, I still do it. I do not pull out of the gas station until the car has had a full sweep and all trash is gone. I also use that time to pic things up and put them in a more organized spot. I have also started keeping a milk crate (got it at Office Depot, $7) in the back for "stray" things in the car. 

I am still looking for ways to contain the mess the kids tend to string behind, or a way to remember to make them grab it and bring it in at the end of every day. But, I can car has gotten much cleaner and NEVER looks like that car up there. At any point and time, it would never take me more than 2 minutes to get it totally cleaned out and vacuum ready.

Now...if I could only find the time to vacuum. :)

*I got the picture above from this blog. That post also has some car organization tips that are great, go check it out. 

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