Monday, September 5, 2011

Week one of school...Picture perfect!

Week one of school came and went, and all went perfectly as planned. We did all of our studies and then some. Even made a few crafts getting a jump on our Christmas gifts. It was picture perfect, just like that beautiful picture up there someone sent me in a text message!

Now, back to reality...not all went as planned. I lied. Day 3 was perfect, even though we were making up for being on the road all of day two. Day 4, on the road again. Plan was to "school" in the car. *FAIL* Then, when Daddy & I had our medical procedure done Friday morning, we had planned on the kids doing their "schoolwork" at Nanna and Pa's house. Well, we forgot to leave their crates (Each has a crate with their stuff for school in it). *EPIC FAIL*  So, then I say, "Well, we will just have to school Saturday and Sunday to make up for it. Well, long story short, too much happening. Daddy wanted to go hunting for Dove, and took the schoolers with him. Today too...Monday, week 2. No, I had not planned on taking off for Labor Day. (Noted for next year, we will not start until after labor day.)

What to do what to do? I was fretting. Stressed. This messes our whole "rotation" up. I freaked. I cried, just a little. I hyperventilated some. I ate a lot of carbs. Then I prayed. Silly me! Why didn't I just start OUT like that. Then it dawned on me. STOP PLANNING TO DO SCHOOL WHEN YOU HAVE MAJOR THINGS GOING ON.

This week we are flying to Houston on Thursday, then I have a doctors appointment on Friday, that could take all day. My original plan was to school Mon-Wed, then do Thu&Fri work when we could on Friday. SCRATCH THAT! Instead, we are doing Thursday & Friday's work from LAST week, on Tuesday and Wednesday of THIS week, and then we will resume with week two NEXT monday. All is fine. I have SEVEN weeks scheduled to be off before June of next year. I can just adjust the schedule. I can even just keep it the same and add a week to the end. NO BIG DEAL. That is one of the many beautiful things with homeschooling, it is FLEXIBLE!


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