Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gonna be away a few days...

We use an aircard to get our internet at our house, however we need a cell booster to get signal enough to do so. Well, yesterday Troy broke our booster severing the wires. We were already scheduled to get high speed internet Sunday (Satellite) and they said they may try to come sooner, so we'll see. So, it will be a few days probably before I am able to post again. I am in town right now getting household stuff, so I thought I'd post.

All is going well at the house, the boys are settling back in great, and things are rolling well.. It is supposed to ice over tonight, so I doubt the kiddos have school tomorrow. They are out Friday too. YAY! (*rolling eyes*). So, I like me some "me" time, what's wrong with that.

You people could start leaving me comments knowing you're reading what I have to say.

Love ya, Hugs to ya!

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