Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not much adoing today...except my anger with PayPal/Ebay

Did you know that Ebay and PayPal are the same company? I did not know that. I sold some stuff on ebay this past week, and was shocked to see I do not have access to that money! They are holding it because I have not sold anything in over a year (but have bought MANY items). I have been an ebay member since 2004 and have a 100% positive rating! It could be anywhere from 5-21 days before I have access to money for goods I SOLD. The items have to be delivered first and no disputes filed or they may refund it to the buyer. I understand the concept, and would have been glad for it when a seller never sent my stuff once before, but there has to be a medium here. I bid on stuff knowing I was going to have money available, and now I have to delay my payment until mine are available. Thank goodness those sellers were understanding of the situation. 

Our landlord here is really upset that we are moving. He did bring others to see the house today though, and it was a WRECK, I wish I had advance warning.

Oh well, such is life.

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