Monday, June 22, 2009

Our offer was accepted...

And we are getting the house for much less than the original asking price ($50,000 less). I do not know if I have ever been this excited about anything! This is great. I have so many ideas and plans, however, it all takes money so it will be slow. No more renting or more throwing away our money. Life is good I tell ya!

So, I picked up extra shifts to help pay for the move. They are late shifts (7pm to 1-3am) and I do not like it at all! I live an hour and half from, so I leave at 5:00pm (must be there by 6:30) and get home at 2:30 (if I leave at 1, which has not happened yet!). Then I sleep until the kids wake me up. Last night I got to be at 4:30am, and at 9 I was awake. After staying up 20 hours, it is not enough sleep. Oh well, it's only a few days.

I have already started packing. I tell you, this is the first time I have had joy in my heart about moving.

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