Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally, a day that went as planned

Well, it went as planned as far as "homeschooling" went. The kids didn't complain about doing their work. Wait. Troy did, but when I instituted a system of instant "sticker rewards" instead of the one sticker a day, he changed his tune right quick. He was more enthusiastic and engaged than he ever has been. Should have figured out the sticker thing before now, sure would have made things easier. (See, if he get's 100 stickers, he gets to go to Chuck E Cheese.) He can earn up to 4 stickers a day. Today he got three because he acted up when doing calender time. Silly kid.

Today was our first day of doing "Character Quality Language Arts". It is a learning curve for the big kids and for myself, but it went well. I think it is going to work for us better than I thought.

I am reading "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton to the big kids. Troy came in and sat for a while, but it just didn't keep his attention and he was gone again. I remember loving this book as a kid, and I am hoping mine love it too. It feels weird reading to the big kids, but they seem to be enjoying it. They begged me to read more, but my voice couldn't handle anymore after 40 pages or so. Maybe I'll read more this evening.

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