Monday, October 4, 2010

I always loved Mardel...but

I went to Mardel the other day to get my daughter a fiction novel that was appropriate. The things at Borders had me clawing my eyes out, so I figured Mardel was a logical alternative. It is a Christian store, right? Well, yes, it is. However, "Christian" being in a store label does not insure that the material will be appropriate for our beliefs.

Every book she pulled out of the teen fiction section was either about dating and angst with boys, or about something super-natural/science fiction. Really? How about a good book with good Christian characters that are not so worldly? If we wanted books about all that jazz, we could have gotten one at Borders or any other book store.

I tried to guide her to historical fiction, but apparently she judges books by their covers and none of those were as cool as the books with turquoise and hot pink covers.

I do want my kids to be able to read modern fiction, but I am disappointed at what we have found thus far. I am reverting back to classics for now.

I should have known better after I bought a book at Mardel for teens on the "other gender" (half was for girls, half for boys) that encouraged them to "date around" as teenagers so they really know what they like in a person. This goes directly against what we believe. We don't believe in serial dating, we believe in courting only to find a life mate, and only doing so when ready to take one.


  1. Amen. I totally hear you! I think anything we allow our children to read, watch, play, etc. should be carefully reviewed before we allow them to make it a part of them by ingesting it in their impressionable little minds! Of course, there will come an age when they should know right from wrong and we will just hope they read and play and watch the right things, so hopefully we will have taught them well by that time!

  2. I am reading this series- I LOVE this series. It sounds like it would be right up your ally! no boy/girl romance crud which I avoid like the plague for Zoe. Zoe is going to start reading them this week! They have free study guides with activities that I hope to put in her work boxes.


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