Monday, May 28, 2012

This day, Seven Years Ago

On this day, seven years ago, I gave birth to a perfectly made little boy.

He had the cutest little button nose,
and the broadest shoulders.
Both of these things were 100% like his Daddy.

He had full lips,
and "Flintstone" feet,
Just like me. 

Since Daddy and I both have very blue eyes,
we knew his would be too. 

He was beautiful.
We loved him before we ever saw him.

We loved him fully and completely even though we...
never heard his precious cries
never rejoiced in his lovely giggles
never clapped as his took his first steps
or anything else.

His Daddy and I excitedly anticipated meeting him,
but, he went to meet Jesus instead.

Our precious son, Brody Michael, was "still born".
His heart stopped beating before he left my body. 

He was perfect in every way.
My body stole away his blood supply,
robbing him of life...
and robbing us of him. 

I can rejoice that he will never know sorrow,
or pain,
or heartbreak,
or disappointment,
or struggle of any kind. 

However, every day, I think of him.
I wonder what he would be like today.
I miss all of the things I would be doing with him.
I miss him.

His father misses him.

His brothers and sister miss him.

My mother misses him.

My grandmother, my aunt, and many others in my family miss him. 

My best friend misses him.

He lived, and he lives on in our lives.
Our grief is still very real, though it is in a different place than it was 7 years ago. 

Thank you...
to those of you who still think of Brody,

Thank you...
to those of you who think of us & how our lives were forever changed 
when we said good-bye to our little man. 


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  1. And thank you for sharing Brody with me. I have been blessed by him, as well, and am thankful.


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