Monday, February 22, 2010

I got dressed (Before 10 am!)

Seriously. I have fallen into the habit of staying in my PJ's until I absolutely HAVE to get dressed. Some days I do not get dressed at all. I just bathe and change PJ's at bedtime. I am not depressed, I just feel cozy and comfortable in them.

Anyhow, while doing my Bible study this morning I was freezing in my gown, so I decided to put some pajama bottoms and a sweat shirt on. Once I got to my closet to look for a shirt, my skirts kept catching my eye and I felt a gentle prompting to get "dressed" for real. So, I got out a skirt and tried to put it on. Too bloated. :( I grabbed for another one I remembered being a little more "fluffy friendly" and put it on. Then I went on a sweatshirt hunt. Well, I only own one sweatshirt and apparently it is not clean so I looked through my long sleeve t's. Again with the gentle prompting to get "dressed" for real. So, I chose a comfy sweater.

For once if someone came to my door I wouldn't be embarrassed or have to scurry to look decent. My children will be shocked when they wake up. I am taking bets that the first thing out of their mouths will be "where are we going?". When I tell them "no where" they will reply "Then why are you dressed?".

So, when did all this happen? At FIVE AM. Yes. In the morning. I have either lost my mind or changes really are taking place. LOL

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