Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow, it has been a while...

I guess about 6 months. So sorry folks. I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore, but, I can do nothing more but starting to write again.

I certainly hope I can be a little bit more interesting now.

We moved and we regret it. As much as the country life was creating what we thought were obstacles, it is nothing compared to the way city life has stifled us. Well, it has brought us together as a family just due to the fact that we miss our old home so very much. I blame myself. I mean, I was the one going crazy over the rattle snakes and scorpions. I was the one telling my family we would be so much happier in town. I was the one. Now I am the one eating crow and wishing I were dealing with the native creepy-crawlies instead of the human kind. So, we are looking for a home with some land, if not in the country at lease not so citified.

Some things changed...we were homeschooling and hit a rough patch. I was told they happened, but thought "Oh , not to me". Alas, it did. Pretty quick too. I was quick to give up and we enrolled the kids in private school. I worked in exchange for tuition so I was away from home for HOURS every day. I was sort-of with my children, but not really. We realized after only a couple of months that the things they were being exposed to were not really any different than public school, and that I could certainly do just as good (or better) of a job teaching than our daughter was getting. So, we brought them back home. I have never felt so good, and my hubby is quite happy too. Housework was suffering, our meals were suffering, our budget was suffering. I could go on and on, but the truth is, it was not good for our family. The experience was one of growth for me, and I could then see some areas I needed to address in order to make my home be a place of strength and refuge for my family. Also, I re-evaluated my homeschooling methods and realized I was just doing TOO DARN MUCH! Now, we have scaled down and things are running smoothly. I am under no disillusions this time. There will probably be more rough spots, and we will get through with the assistance of the LORD!

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