Sunday, February 28, 2010

When "conviction" is applied too quickly...

I spoke in an earlier blog about feeling conviction. Well, it is one of those things that you are supposed to use discernment with. I took the fact that I felt conviction when reading about head coverings as the conviction to head cover. So, let us dig deeper into the subject. To cover your head as a married woman is to show respect for your husband, as being your "head". Well, my husband is not in agreement with head covering. He feels like a woman's hair *is* he covering, therefore he got a tad upset when I started to cover. I got my feelings hurt, and it went on from there. He also does not like "skirts only" which is another thing I had gone to doing feeling under conviction.

Now I realize that my conviction was not to make those changes to conform to being that perfect picture of a "Godly Wife", the conviction was to take a look at my heart and see what I could do to make my marriage better. How can I be a better daughter of the King? It is not by changing my outward appearance to follow others, it is about honoring my husband and submitting to his authority. There it is. That word so many people get scared of, "Submission".

People run too far off in left field when it comes to discussing submission. God submission does not mean:
  • You are any less than your husband
  • You should put up with abuse
  • That you will be walked over
  • That you have no say or rights
  • That you will be condemned to a life of misery and slavery

What it does mean is that you will:
  • Have freedom like you have never known
  • Have a relationship that will flourish as the man takes his God given role in the family as leader
  • Be respected more by your husband and your children
  • Experience a joy that can only be found through following God's plan for your life

If you have not researched and prayed about this, I encourage you to do so. Just in the last weeks I have grown so much and I already see the fruit of these changes in my home.

With those things being said, I am dressing the way my husband prefers me to dress. I am taking his lead with decisions, not running off half-cocked in my own direction.

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