Friday, June 3, 2011

My Dyson Air Muscle Vacuum...

I love this thing. When I first bought it, hubby said "I cannot BELIEVE you spent that much on a vacuum"! Truth be told, he was pretty upset with me for the purchase. However, he was impressed with it (to say the least) the first time he used it. He did the same thing I did, he kept looking for other ways to use it. Like cleaning the lint off of the outside dryer exhaust. 

I truly love it. It is a tool that has made a HUGE difference in the cleanliness in my house. Baseboards used to get done only every few months, if that often (they were done when the kids got into big trouble and had to do baseboards as punishment). I hated doing baseboards. Do you know how much CLEANER your home looks when you baseboards are clean? With the tools on board my Dyson, and it's power, baseboards are a SNAP. I clean them on a weekly basis for the most part, bi-weekly at the least. It is so easy to just run the little brush along the boards when doing a room. I especially love it for the baseboards in the bathroom. 

You want to know another favorite use? To get the access dust up off the patio that I can't get up by sweeping. Yes, I am serious. I thought my hubby was going to have a stroke when he saw me vacuuming the patio with that expensive vacuum. However, he is impressed with the quality of "clean" it enables us to achieve. 

I know this, for sure, my house has been cleaner since getting the Dyson than it has ever been before. I just cleaned the ceiling fans with it. Go me. My window sills, my blinds, my doorjams, my fireplace and lots of other places: all clean thanks to my direction and my animal air muscle's power. 

So, if you are in the market for a new vacuum, it really is worth the extra investment. No, I was not paid in any form or fashion for this. I wish...I would really like a Dyson Digital for the stairs and other odds and ends!!! 


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  1. I've never heard anyone regret purchasing a Dyson. Friends of ours took up carpet to put down a hard wood floor. I asked about all the fine grit under the carpet pad. She said that they had NONE. Now that's a selling point!


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