Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Underestimation...chores to be had

My little Troy, well, he is just little. Both in size and maturity. At least I thought so. This week Michaela is at Hunting camp, so she is not here to do her chores. I figured I'd give the vacuuming to Troy, fully expecting to go behind him and re-do it, but I wanted to keep him busy while I did my chores and let him feel as though he was helping. After a little re-direction of not driving the vacuum like a race car, he did fantastic. I did not have to go behind him and redo it. He did stop after one room though, wrought with exhaustion.

So, I moved on...I asked him to straighten up the bathroom. He picked up all the toys and netted them, and wiped down the tub without being asked. Honestly, he did better than the big kids do!!! I had clearly underestimated the little man. He was so proud of his accomplishments, and I was proud of him too.

It is apparent we have entered a new season in our lives...one where he can tow more weight around here. It is bittersweet...my baby, he is a growing up!


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