Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tour My Laundry room

I have always dreamed of having a large laundry room.
Almost as much as I have dreamed of having a "schoolroom".
With this new house, I got my dream laundry room. I love it.
So, on that note, I am going to share it...along with some tips. 

This is from the door looking into the room...

Another view from the door
(My window treatments are in the works...I'll update later)

When you walk into the room, this is the wall to the right.

Showing off my owl...I love him

Swinging around you see the washer & dryer amongst all my glorious cabinets! 

Another view from the door. Light off, so it doesn't have the yellow casting like the other pics.

Now, tip one...
These are command hooks, which I use ALL OVER my home.
I love that they are sturdy, but removable without a trace.
I use these to hang up things that cannot be put into the dryer..
such as the unmentionables in the previous picture. :)

Tip two:
If you use fabric softener like I do,
and I use A LOT,
(after all, we must smell good while in our soft cozy clothing)
you run the risk of it gooping up and causing issues in your washer.
So, I keep a cup of water on top of the washer so that I can rinse it every wash.
I also rinse after I pour bleach into the bleach cup, so I don't risk residue in another load. 

And my third (and final) tip...get one of these nifty iron/ironing board hangers and hang that baby up! 
This, of course, is the back of our door. 

And there you have laundry room that almost makes doing laundry a little less torturous fun


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  1. Oh my goodness, you have a beautiful laundry room!! And I looove the red washer and dryer set!

    I'm looking forward to decorating our new house. It's a mobile home, so it looks home like. :) Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm looking forward (a lot!) to changing it up as much as possible and infusing our tastes into it.

    And the laundry room is one area I want to redo as soon as possible, even though it isn't near as big as yours is! :)


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