Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Ice Cream Girl

The town we recently moved to has a "Braums", which has just about the best ice cream ever made.
Outside of home-made ice cream that is.

My daughter inherited her grandmother & great-grandmother's passion for ice cream.
She loves it.
I am not sure *love* is a strong enough term to describe her affection for it.

Braums is cheap. We can get a big double dip cone for under $2.
We stop by there...A  LOT!!!

Sweet Katie girl started this thing about a month ago, where she wants to be "surprised" by what two scoops she gets. So, she just orders "A waffle cone with two random scoops of ice cream".

At first they were a little confused, but they have all gotten in on the game now. 
It' almost as though they are excited when she comes through and orders.
One girl told us "This is the third time I have made your order, I try to do something different each time. It's so much fun." 

We have been enjoying the "random flavor" experiment. 
It's always fun to see what they give her.
It's even MORE fun to watch her eat it and try to guess what it is they have chosen. 

Yesterday it was "maple walnut" and "pistachio".

I got to thinking about it...

This is just ice cream, but what if we were like this with God.

We tend to be so specific about the things we desire, that we don't just look up to him and say "give me whatever Lord, and I will be happy with it". 

You see, not ONCE has one of the workers at the ice cream shop come up with a gross combination.
Let's face the facts folks, they could put lime sorbet with butter pecan and make anyone wrinkle their nose. But they don't. They enjoy giving her new combos to try...things that go together.
They don't even KNOW us, much less love us.

God loves us. He wants to give us things that "go" together.
How many times do we "wrinkle up" our noses because *we* don't like the combos he has chosen?



  1. we love braums too but don't get ice cream very often. when we moved to georgia there was no braums. or taco bueno. the same goes for idaho. we are glad to be home in OK now for the taco and ice cream. oh yeah, for our family and friends too of course :)

  2. Wow, this is a really great post.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I have a feeling I'll be remembering this down the road somewhere :)


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