Monday, April 9, 2012

Troy Says-On Love

What is the proper age to get married?

Why 13?
Because when you're 13 your pretty much grown.

Well, your sister is 14, you're saying she should get married?
Um, no. Not her. I meant me, when I am 13.

What do people do on a date?
Get a ring and kiss.

When is it okay to kiss somebody?
When you're 36 and you're already married.

Is it better to be single or to be married?
Married, because well, I don't know it just is. 

Why do people fall in love?
Because when they see each other they feel like they want to marry them.

What does it feel like to love someone?
Nothing. I mean, being sad, being happy, all those emotions.

Why do lovers hold hands?
Because they just feel like it. Like you and Daddy do. 

What do you think about love?
I feel like love is about bunny rabbits.

What about bunny rabbits?
It's good, love is. That's all. Just stop Mom. 

How do you make someone fall in love with you?
By looking at them in the eyes. That's all *I* have to do. 

What are people thinking when they tell someone they love them?
They're thinking dumb. Dumb. 

Is it okay to kiss somebody?
No. When your six, then no. But if you're married it's okay. 

How do you make love last?
By being happy and kissing a lot. 



  1. He is SO sweet! Lol, his responses are so funny, but some are quite insightful!

    Hope you guys have a good week :)


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