Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Southern Fried Family Cooks: Taquito Enchiladas

This is *seriously* one of the easiest, most yummy recipes on earth.

It's way kid friendly too...which is a plus.

It is also very easy to change-up, and do new things with. 

Let's get to the "how-to's" first. 

Preheat your over to 375 degrees

Get a box of taquitos. Usually, they are in the freezer section, but weird stores like Wal-Mart put them in the little floor coolers in the meat section.  You can get chicken, beef, chicken and cheese, beef and cheese, flour tortillas, corn tortillas...whatever your heart desires. 

I make two batches, because one little guy loathes onions in his but the rest of us love them.

I use glass pans. Metal would work too. Whatever you bake in is fine. 

Get you 2-3 cans of enchilada sauce (I feed 6 with 3 regular size cans, 2 big cans)

You can use green, red, whatever. Green typically goes well with chicken. Red with beef.

Open your sauce and pour a thin layer into your pans. This keeps your taquitos from sticking.

Place your taquitos in the pan(s). 

if you are only adding cheese, roll them around to cover them in sauce...

add any toppings you want (excluding cheese)

We use onions, some add black olives

Add more sauce

Add cheese. Lots of it. 

This is where it varies for us. If I use a huge baking pan, I do one layer and stop.

Sometimes I like to change it up and do "layers", so I keep building. 

In these pictures, I will layer the big pan but I am DONE with little man's pan.

I stack another layer of taquitos, sauce, onions, and then cheese...

These bake at 375 for 45 minutes. 

I set the timer for 30 minutes, and at that point I add the small pan.

When they come out, this is what they look like. 

Can you smell that? YUM! 

Now, I have special dietary considerations that require me to have a higher intake of fat, calories, and protein. So, I modified my plate to include more of those factors.

I added a fried egg and sour cream.

Double yum! 

Another modification we have thoroughly enjoyed is getting the "Philadelphia Southwest Cooking Creme" and mixing it with the enchilada sauce before placing it in the pan. Just a thought. :) 

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