Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let off steam

So, what do you do with crazy people? The woman who harrassed my daughter is now calling MY phone trying to apologize. I do not answer blocked numbers, and that is what she does, so I let it go to voice mail. She is saying things like "I am so sorry, I know I was wrong" and in the same breath "You have to have heard rumors about me that aren't true" and then saying "I have heard rumors about you too, but I don't believe them". Okay, I have lived here for 7 months. I know 4 people in this town. Rumors? Really? If there are rumors about e I am HIGHLY amused as there is nothing to base them on. Up at the school I talk to NO ONE. This town is not friendly, no one wants to know you here. Then, she goes on to say "I am a Christian and I must ask for forgiveness. I thought you were a Christian too and Christian's forgive others".

Okay, here; Misty you are forgiven. Please do not call me, my daughter, or anyone else associated with me. I am a Christian, and I won't pass any judgements on you and your relationship with the Lord. What I will do is say that you have exhibited signs of serious issues and I prefer not to involve myself in them. I wish you the best in life. I am so sorry for the losses you have suffered. 


Still no word back from Houston. They keep saying they want him ASAP, but then turn around and wait 3 weeks to call back. So, do we wait another 3 weeks now? Chris says he is about through waiting and that he'll just make the best of things here and ride it out. Ugh. Makes me insane. I want some sort of contentment and stability. I hate feeling like we are sitting on "go". Really I do.

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  1. Have patients and take your time. Sometimes when you move too fast you make mistakes and that gets you no where. Look at it from all sides and make sure this is the best thing. Sometimes things don't come together for a it is not the right thing.


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