Thursday, May 7, 2009

Okay okay, I'm back

Life has been so crazy. How about I just run this down by topic headings?

Chris and his job

Chris has been searching for another job for 5 months. His pay has been cut by 58% and that doesn't include the benefits, truck allowance, and bonuses taken away. This was all to save his job. Otherwise, he would be unemployed, and we prefer that he remain there as the pay is better than unemployment which maxes out at under $400/week. That wouldn't pay our bills and feed us.

He is qualified for all of these jobs that he applies for, in many cases overqualified. He gets a  lot of "thanks but no thanks" type emails and has had several "you fit the qualifications, we will be in touch with you" that never call. He has had calls that offer things not yet seen. The company that begged him to work for them last year said they "had an office with his name on it" and told him they'd call back within a week to make an offer. That was 3 weeks ago, and Chris checked in with them after a week. Now he refuses saying the ball in their court. I don;t care, he needs to call back.

He is willing to move anywhere in the country (or even overseas) to work and he is getting little to no bites. Really none, because there are no interviews. I just want him to get into a new job with stability and where he will be happy. He is a HARD worker and very thorough and committed. Any employer would be lucky to have him. 


Still getting ready to homeschool the kiddos. I am obsessed with curriculum searching but I think I am ALMOST done. I am excited about it though, and know this is the right thing for our family. Tested Michaela yesterday in math because the state test reflected her slightly above average in math which calls for remediation. She tested at a 7th grade starting level. She is in 5th grade. This furthers my opinion that the schools are not out to truly teach, just to inform and test. Not to mention the lack of morals. 

Michaela plans to start out in mixed 6/7th grade classes and to graduate at 16. She wants to start college classes from home at 16 and have a degree at 18, to build on. I think these are great goals and will try to help her accomplish them. Of course, I realize that even if they sound good to her now in two years they may not and she may not graduate until 18. I support her either way.


We now have nine kittens between our two momma cats. Spot's are three weeks old, and Ginger's three days. Ginger had one we believe to be bobcat hybrid. She even has a raspy meow and such. They are so cute all of them, but we are looking forward to them all going to their new homes. Then we'll get the girls fixed so we won't go through this again. Mooster is lonely without his girls (he is neutered). We have them in the house until their kittens go to new homes.


My expedition was hit in the parking lot at the orthodontists office yesterday, so it must be put into the shop for body work. I wanted to rent a Ford Flex, but no one has any, so I went with a Toyota Tundra instead. That works, right?

Multiple Sclerosis

I fell a couple of weeks ago and got badly bruised from my left shoulder to my left ankle. My hip and buttock got the worst of it. I have been doing pretty much okay otherwise, just fatigued. Still awaiting my lumbar puncture results.

My Work

I am now only working Saturdays twice a month, and one weekday a month. Chris does not like me working at all, as it makes everything harder on him (because of childcare, and his schedule is unpredictable and having to pick kids up by 5 or 6 is hard). However, we have to have the income, so I must do it. I still LOVE the hospital where I work and the people I work with. I love my patients too. :D


I am in my 6th class working towards my Bachelors in Entertainment business. In the first 3 I made 4.0 which is a 95% or better, 90-95% is a 3.5 GPA. Well, I think in my last two classes I sunk to 93-94% which will drop my GPA and that makes me SO SAD. I wanted to keep a 4.0 throughout school. However, I had an MS flare up, my lumbar puncture, work, and life and I just didn't do as well as usual. I know it's not bad, but I am still upset with myself.

That is it...I think I am finished. :D Until next time.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Heather. Hang in there. Hopefully the economy is on an upswing and jobs will come.


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