Monday, May 11, 2009

What a weekend, sad it is over

I enjoyed having the older two boys here with the rest of us this week. I sure miss them when they are gone. Had little to no sibling rivalry going on, and that is always nice. One thing I wonder is why do teenage boys feel the need to roughhouse constantly? I mean, what part of "keep your body parts to yourself" do they not get? They don't start out intending to fight, but usually one of them hurts the other on accident and it's *on*. LOL, boys!

I am taking the Exped to the body shop today and I will get a Toyota Tundra in it's place for a few days. Works for me.

I had nightmares all night last night. I think it was from drinking too much tea at supper. So, I feel like I got NO sleep, even though I was in bed 5 hours.

I have to go to the Sheriff's department and file a harassment complaint about an almost 40 year old woman harassing my daughter. She has spent 3 days calling her phone multiple times, the last voice mail was posing as an officer saying that my daughter would be taken to jail for making prank calls. Now, my daughter DID make a prank call to her son on his phone once (I checked the call log, it was just once). Then he pranked her back. All is well, right? No. Then the Mom jumps on board and it got ugly quick. She has called over 50 times. She was dumb enough to leave voice mails. She blocked her # but it still shows on the call log online. Dumb. So, I'll update after I go to let you know what they say.

So, Happy Monday to you. May it be a great one.

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  1. Parents get to involved in their children's business sometimes...they need to know what they are up to but they need to just guide them through the solutions not take it on themselves.I feel your pain


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