Thursday, May 21, 2009

Troy makes me smile!

Just today he has said these things:

  • Upon waking and find the boat and Daddy are both gone without him: "Why did my Daddy take that boat and what was he thinking going fishing without me?"
  • While I was dressing him: "Will you please be my Mommy forever and always?"
  • Aunt Karen came in crying and upset and after she left he told me: "I don't like it when she cries. It makes me angry at what made her cry. I like happy, not crying."
  • He was SUPPOSED to be on the porch but instead he decided he would surprise Mommy and wash his muddy shoes with the hose. Well, he got SOAKED to the bone and when I brought him in and changed him he said "Aren't you going to spank my bottom for not obeying?" I told him "No, I  don't have any reason to spank you, just please listen to Mommy." and he said "Yeah, but, I think I need a spanking."
And then yesterday:

  • I picked him up from the babysitter and he was being hateful telling me "no" when I told him to do things. I had told him earlier we would get ice cream if he was nice. When he told me no, I reminded him that we don't speak ugly and that ugly little boys did not get rewards. So, 15 minutes into our journey home, he said "Are we going to get ice cream now?". I reminded him of how he told me "no" and how he didn't deserve any ice cream. He was quiet the other 20-30 minutes of the ride home. We pulled into the driveway and he said "Momma, could you forgive me for being ugly to you? I promise I won't tell you 'no' anymore." Of course I forgave him.
These years are going to pass too quickly I love him and cherish every day at home with him so much.

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  1. That is so sweet! I have written down a lot the kids have said but wish I would have done it more! Joy


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