Friday, March 12, 2010

It's not about getting through...

Homeschooling, what an amazing blessing. Even if my 12 year old can't see it right now, I can and she will too some day.

I have her doing Aleks for her math. The program tailors itself to the child, and makes sure they don't fall through any gaps. I had her take a quiz yesterday, on which she did poorly. So Aleks, true to it's promise, is making her repeat the material until she masters is. She got really upset that she lost some of her "pie" (material she had done and they add it to her pie, when it is complete, she advances on). See, she is focused on FINISHING and getting to a higher level class.

I told her "It's not about getting through the material, it is about mastering the material". And there it is folks, one of the most beautiful things about homeschooling. They have a chance to master the material, not just "get through it" as in *other* environments.

There was a day I would have said "public school", but now that we have gone down the road of a private school, I realize that homeschooling is the only way this option is viable. We will keep doing it until it is done. No sliding by here.


  1. A big AMEN from me. We are doing Mastering Mathematics and it so works for us. I am not in a hurry to race through math with them. Math was not my best subject and I want them to know these basics before moving on. You can't really move on with math without knowing the basics. I feel like I was rushed through mat in public school...on to the next level without really knowing what I should.

  2. Exactly Joy. Thank you so much for the comment.


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