Thursday, March 18, 2010

RV Living...revisited

If you have been following me, you know that last year we had plans to move into an RV and stay for a while. Well, those plans fell through as the person who we got the RV from sold it out from under us.

Yesterday we finalized the purchase of a new travel trailer, our own, brand new. Since Chris has gotten this new job offer in Midland, we have been unable to find a house. We secured an apartment, but being locked into a year long lease was not our idea of a good time. Wait, did I mention how EXPENSIVE an apartment in Midland is? How about the price of a house? It is goofy stupid high.

So, we are going to stay in our RV for a while until we find a house. Even then, having the RV will allow us to travel with Chris and his work. He may be assigned to different areas for weeks at a time.

We will be moving into this new RV next week...will be living there full time starting next Saturday.


  1. What did you get for a trailer? Sheri and I have a trailer (29 ft Puma) but I think a fifth wheel would have more room - I think we could use the bigger cubbies below and bigger closets. I am asking to help me learn about different ideas.

  2. It is a 29 FT Travel Trailer (Forrest River). I looked at storage space when we were shopping, but of course it is limited no matter WHAT you have. So, I took pictures and measurements of ALL storage space. Then, I made a list of what will go where. My kids each have a bin and know they can only take enough clothing to fit into those bins. LOL


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