Friday, July 9, 2010

Bible Reading, fell behind

So far I am to Genesis 38. I should have been finished with Genesis before this morning. So, my goal is to get caught up by the end of today. That means I should be done with Exodus 15. If anything this is an exercise in making this a priority. I have been too busy doing other things and not reading as I should. I actually haven't been doing anything that I "should" the last couple of days. I have been shopping and assembling. I am so excited to have a desk now, a place that is just *mine*. Our bedroom is HUGE and I have it over against the wall and out into the room, since it is L shaped. The kids and Chris both said they would have put it in the corner, but I don't want my back to the room. Also, I like how it sections off a little piece of the room and makes it a home office. When Chris came home last night he said he loves it, and it looks like something from a "model home". Made me feel good. Looking at the picture I know it looks plain, but since then I have added decor to it and placed cork boards on the back. I will post an updated picture later today I hope. :D

Now, to complete our room all we need is a couple of chairs for our sitting area (told you it was big), a chest of drawers, nightstands, and a headboard. Oh yeah, I want to change our decor (or actually get some, it is bland right now) too. All in good time I suppose. I will check back in later with my reading.

Today we are also preparing for our two week trip to my Moms. There is a lot to get done as I want to leave a perfectly clean house to come home to. Well, Chris is staying so that may be asking too much, LOL. However, at least it will be nice and clean for the most part. I think I shall drill today.

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