Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DONE (today)

This is my "to do" for today, Tuesday:

Get entry closet clean (almost done)
List Homeschool stuff (DONE)
Do Bible Reading (DONE)
Do Algebra Lessons (Sitting down to do these now)
Do Spanish (this too now)
Cook Dinner (in about an hour, after algebra and spanish)
2 loads of laundry (DONE, 4 actually)
Blog (DONE)
Exercise (DONE)

& the master is done, left over from yesterday

I also took DD to the orthodontist. returned redbox movies, and got a refund on an overcharge.

Oh yeah, I must add that I got up and did my hair and make up today, and dressed nice to go out in public. I did, however, change and pull my hair up when I got home. I tried, just can't do it!!!

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