Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Missed my Bible reading today

So, I bought a new desk today. Totally un-planned, but an excellent buy I couldn't pass up. It was un-assembled and to pay to have it done would be $160. Not happening. That being said, I brought it home and assembled it myself. Took me several hours, but it looks nice and I am so proud of the job i have done. Tomorrow I will assemble the hutch and place it on there, and then I will be finished. No laundry got done today, but I did 6 loads yesterday, so maybe I am okay there. No algebra and no spanish got done either. Darnit. I think just about everything on my list is done though. I think. Didn't shampoo the carpets. Don't think that will get done until I get back from my two week visit to Houston.

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