Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review of the "E-Book: The Curiosity Files™- Cicada-Killing Wasp”

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This is a review of the E-Book: The Curiosity Files™- Cicada-Killing Wasp”, provided by "The Old Schoolhouse Store". It is a neat little unit study about the cicada-killing wasp (obviously). It is rated for ages 8-13, but I used it with my 13 & 5 year olds and they both enjoyed it. Truth be told, I learned as much as they did and enjoyed it.
My 5 year old is a non-reader, so the material was above him on that level. However, my 13 year old is a fluent reader. At first glance, she thought this unit study was “beneath” her maturity. Because she was obviously hesitant, I asked her to review it and “teach” it to her little brother. I did request that she complete the stuff that was too old for him. I am proud to say that after two weeks of working on this, my non-reading 5 year old can proudly spell cocoon, prey, gnaw, and stinger. He also understands what these words mean, and has incorporated them into this vocabulary. My hesitant daughter also completed the stuff that was on her age level, like the math plotting and the grammar practice, without being told to do so. She was enjoying it so much she just got engrossed in the material. 
The crafts are numerous, and in this short time period we decided to do the cicada wasp pencil toppers. I would love to post a picture, but my memory card in my camera decided to stop working correctly so it is not possible at this point. The activities are so easy but educational and fun. We also put an insect trap in the little yard outside of our condo. Every day we check it and have fun researching what we "catch". So far we have caught several different beetles and a scorpion. Not so fun on him, but was education none the less. 
My daughter did indeed get sidetracked into learning about the “WASPs” (Women Airforce Service Pilots ) and this has spurred her having an interest in World War II. I love this part of homeschooling, where studying one thing births a new interest in a child and allows them to go further exploring and learning! 

Before we got this unit study, we had NO idea what a cicada was or that there was a wasp that killed it. We have seen cicadas and heard them sing, but always just thought they were locusts. The timing of this study was also wonderful, since we are heading into the season where the stinging creatures are out and we can appreciate them for the reasons God created them.

Everyone in our home learned from the study. We attended a gathering the other day and in a group of the attending children, we overheard our kids educating the other kids on the cicada killing wasp and they had an intrigued audience. I would certainly call this product a success.
If you are interested in getting this unit study, please head on over to “The Old Schoolhouse” store and get you a copy. The price is a mere $1 if purchasing alone. You can also get it in packages along with other Curiosity Files. I can imagine the others are just as educational and fun as this one was.
The the “E-Book: The Curiosity Files™- Cicada-Killing Wasp” is a complete stand alone unit study with math, grammar, history, art, science, spelling, and music included. It is an amazing value at $1, and can be used with many ages



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