Monday, April 6, 2009

Just Blah

I love my children so very much, I really do. Michaela is home from school because she had some "stomach issues" yesterday afternoon/last night and I didn't want to risk her having them at school. Troy is home, of course. I don;t feel so hot either. So, we are all in fowl moods, and I just really don't feel like being Momma today. I just wanna be me to myself. I think as mothers we all have these days. I don't have them often, as my kids are my world, but today I just want to curl up with my school work and maybe a magazine or two, and let the world go away.

Back to reality, already today I have had to break up more spats between Michaela and Troy than I care to admit. What do a 3 year old and 11 year old have to argue about? A lot apparently. Add to this the fact that Troy thinks he is the ruler of all living things, and there is where the complications begin. We KNOW we spoiled him. We know this behavior is a direct result of that. So, now, I must live through it while we bring him back down to earth. Just in the last week he has become so bossy that no one can stand him. Actually, not that bad as others have noticed it but thought it was "funny" or a "stage". You bet it's a stage because I will not stand for it.

On the homefront, still no kittens. Both cats are getting fatter and fatter, but Spot...she appears to be stretched to her limit. I was guessing 5 or 6 kittens, but now I am up to 226-228. ;) I feel so bad for her. Her bags are dropping so I know it's soon. I take her temp daily  as it is said her temp will drop to 99 within 24 hours of delivery. We're still at 100.3 now...Down from 101.5. (Cats run that high body temp normally.) I have not tested Ginger for her temp, as she doesn't look as miserable, but my bet is since they are litter-mates they went into heat at the same time and should deliver close.

I guess if you don't know the story about how we came about two female cats, I'll share. When we moved here my old neighbors has DOZENS of cats. Well, we brought one load and while onloading out pops cat # 1 (Now known as Ginger) from a box of stuffed animals. She had loaded herself in the truck during the night. Then, the next day we brought another load and when getting the cat food (for our NEUTERED male cat Mooster), another cat popped out of the bag (now called Spot). They were just little kittens then, so we decided we'd let them be barn cats and get them spayed when they were old enough. Well, the week before I had planned to have them fixed, I realized Spot was expecting. I thought she was too young, apparently not. Also, we live on 850 acres with no other cats except our neutered male and bob cats. So, this had to be a traveling salesman or a bob cat. Anyhow, I thought she would deliver a MONTH ago. Still waiting. After discovering her pregnancy, I checked Ginger and sure enough, she is caught too. So, after they deliver, they will be fixed. Not irresponsible pet owners, just off on judgement. We didn't choose these cats and didn't know how old they were. The vet agreed with us, so we're covered. 

3 kittens already have homes. I pray the others get homes just as easily.


  1. When you're a Mom, who do you call in sick to? LOL

  2. That was an ongoing thing at our house kids fussing and us referring those fusses...I guess that is what we get paid for??? Paid??

    Joe and Sherri


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