Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I had to recert for CPR this morning and do my ACLS in May. I hate having to do this every 2 years. However, the instructor today made it rather painless. I am glad he is doing ACLS also. I love working in the health field, but sometimes I am counting the days until I am out. I was trying to count how many lives I have saved and found that I couldn't. Years ago when I was in clinicals before finishing my degree, I could tell you all their names. Now, I just don't know. I tend to remember the ones I can't save and that bothers me. I think I am on massive burn out. This is NOT what I was meant to do for life, even though other's praise me on how good I am at it. So, I'm thinking, when saving lives for a living gets boring...what then? Okay, so I am glad I can do it. I truly love my patients. I would help anyone if they needed it and I was there. So, why do I want to nix this and go into the entertainment industry? My guess is I am certifiable. :D

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  1. You should never get tired of saving lives but when you get tired don't feel bad the getting tired part is about working not the lives you save. Just be glad you never had the job of taking that really wears on you.


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