Monday, August 8, 2011

Live your life as a sermon

When we are Christians, whether we like it or not, everything we say & do is a sermon to those who see or know us. We show through our actions where we stand with God and how much we follow him. Do you cling tight to the hem and follow him, or do you claim a faith in him but choose more to live by the world?

What are your actions saying to those around you? What sermon are you preaching to your children when the driver in front of you cuts you off? Are you gracious, or do you slander?

What sermon are you preaching when you see a same sex couple out in public? Do you pass judgement on them and shun them, or do you show them love and graciousness because Jesus loves EVERYONE.

Do you speak in words that are uplifting and appropriate, or do you use language that you be ashamed to use in front of your grandma (pastor, church family, job interview, etc.)? Every word you say can build up or tear down, choose carefully, for your words are a sermon.

Do you pass on inappropriate texts or pictures? Once again, your actions are preaching, even if no words are spoken.

When you vote at the polls, do you pick the most Godly candidates you can, the ones that most closely follow the values and ideals God set before us? You are preaching a sermon. The leader of a nation is a direct reflection of  the morals of the people.

Remember, that nothing lasts except for what we do for God.

Are your "sermons" allowing non-believers to see you as a hypocrite? Are your "sermons" showing others what a gracious and loving God we have? We won't always be perfect, and we will mess up. However, the real joy comes in trying. You will plant seeds in all that you do, do your best to make sure they grow the kind of fruit worth growing.

Live your life as a sermon, because it is.


  1. Good reminder. Actions really do speak louder than words. It is so easy to fall into the habit of wrong speech, but it speaks volumes to others when you show the love of Jesus.

  2. Isn't it the truth? This is like a mantra in our house. I'm always trying to tell my boys these very things!
    Although I have many flaws, and I'm the first to admit them, I'm always trying to "walk the walk".
    Thanks, Heather!

  3. This is so true. Even more so as a parent..this is when the hard work of raising kids come in - being true to Him in actions all the time, not just in words.


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