Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Wished for You

All children are a miracle, and a blessing from the Lord. We discovered 6 years ago, today, that sometimes these blessings change your whole outlook on life. They change your opinion of the world. They give you a new glimpse into a deeper faith than you have ever known. You see, when we were still grieving the loss of our son Brody, we felt God was calling us to move onto adoption. July 10, 2005 we decided firmly that we wanted to build our family through adoption. Just 3 weeks later, we were given the most precious gift ever, by God, and by our son's birthmom (yes, she likes that term...she loves everything about it and this relationship we have). They gave us Troy...and we were forever changed.

He was born, via c-section, on August 4th, 2005. I was in the room, by the side of the woman who gave him life, in so many more ways than the air he breathes. I was blessed to also have a nurse overseeing the surgery that I knew because *I* had taken care of her father while he was hospitalized. I have no doubt God orchestrated that too! She allowed me to take him to the nursery after he was born, and to do the things the nurse normally does. It was SO cool!

Troy, when he was born

Daddy meets Troy

Troy, age 4 months

Troy's adoption announcement

Troy at 8 months

Troy 1st Birthday

Troy at 18 months

Troy at 2 years

Troy at 3 years

Troy at 4 years

Troy at 5

Troy Today, SIX years old



  1. God has blessed our family through the miracle of adoption - such a beautiful thing! Your son is precious!

    Following you from the TOS Crew

  2. Troy is simply adorable! I know all about the blessings of a child through adoption - and very much loved sharing this little bit of your experience. You are blessed!

  3. He is so cute! What a wonderful story! Happy birthday Troy!

  4. I love hearing Troy's story. Happy birthday little man!

  5. What a beautiful story!! What a blessing!


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