Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tour of Troy's room

A while back, I posted a "sneak peak" about something yet to come. Well, I forgot all about it (honestly) and then a family member asked me what it was all about and I remembered. So, here we go...all about "Duggit". Duggit is Troy's alter ego. His imaginary friend, who sometimes possesses his body. Duggit is quite hilarious. We really enjoy his visits. Now, we are confident that our son just has a VERY vivid imagination, and really is not suffering from multiple personalities.

When decorating Troy's room, he wanted it to be "Duggit" friendly. So, we painted his name to put on the wall. On the individual letters of "Duggit", it has "Troy" painted all over in green and blue.   So, it is Troy & Duggit's room, but only one little boy with a wild imagination lives there.

Check out their room. I had a video of "him" but for some reason Blogger won't let me upload it. He speaks like "Froggy" on "Little Rascals".



  1. Cute! It is so clean. How does that happen?

  2. how cool that his 'friend' has a place too! and i agree with lori, how does it stay so clean????

  3. Well, it is not *always* so clean, but most of the time it is. I am kind of type A about it. His is the only room in the house that stays like that.


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