Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another day in the life of me...

I am finally feeling somewhat normal now. YAY! I have to take Troy to school and then come back and do homework and take a nap (I didn't get much sleep again last night because the storm kept me up). Then, get Troy and take him and Michaela to the doctor. Troy has a cold that is setting up in his chest and Michaela has been throwing up for 4 days, but doesn't feel bad. I think it's a surge in hormones (She sprouted little ta-ta's this week) but I'm taking her just to make sure she's okay.

Chris got me the sweetest card for valentines and wrote me the sweetest letter. I was very touched, he has never done that before. I also got my wedding ring back (long story). I am so grateful, I love my wedding ring set. I got chocolates too, and that is never a bad thing! You may be saying "but it's not Valentine's day yet?"...well, Chris doesn't like to sit on things, he gets antsy. LOL He gave Michaela a huge box of chocolates (36oz) and a cute card too. Troy got some hot wheels and a huge bag of assorted candy bars. Chris says he gave them to us early so we could enjoy them up to Valentines day. He cracks me up.

Well, I better put some clothes on, I'd look silly going into his school like this.

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