Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life and changes

Sorry I haven't written a couple of days. Everything is okay here. 

We are back to contemplating and praying about homeschooling Michaela. I think she may prosper more and bloom more. She can get socializing through homeschool groups, so don't worry about that. This is a rough point in her life and the things she is learning at school aren't necessarily the things a 10 year old needs to know. You know? Like on the bus a high schooler was educating the younger ones on Viagra and it's function. Michaela came home and told us all about this "Niagra" pill. I am tired of interceding and explaining the stuff she doesn't need to know.  That is just a part of it though, she is being bullied and though her academics are good, her spirit is not. Frankly, academics could be better. Not grade wise, but learning wise. They teach these kids to pass tests, not to actually learn. Sure, they studied the civil war, but can she tell me any details about it 2 months later? Nope... that's because she didn't learn it, she memorized it and forgot it. True learning means material recall.


Here is the story with the new job since I haven't posted about it:

Chris got wind that he was going to be laid off, so he started looking for another job. Well, he found one that he was really interested in and they had a mutual interest in him. So, he goes for the 1st and 2nd interview and all went really well. When he went in for his paperwork and background check and to talk money, they informed him they had another applicant they were going to interview on Monday (this was last Friday). They asked him a few questions, and basicly it came down to there were two positions, one in AR and one in TX and one of them would go to each pace,just didn't know which to which. Told him they'd let him know Tuesday. Tuesday, they let him know that they were holding off on the AR position, and that they district manager had to decided on which guy had the job and they'd let him know Wednesday (yesterday). Well, they never called so the assumption is it wasn't Chris who got it. It makes him really sad but he does have relatively little experience in this field and with so many of these companies laying off, there are guys out there looking for jobs with 10 fold Chris experience. So, Chris went to his boss and told him he'd do whatever to save his job, and it came to a pay-cut. At least it's a job for now. I'll let you know if something changes with the *other* one.

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