Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We choose not to go to church on Easter morning. This has been our "thing" for about 4 years I suppose. We decided instead to allow all the once-a-yearers have seats instead. Pray maybe they *get* the message and become stronger in their walk, whether new to it or long time believer. We stay home and celebrate Christ's resurrection as a family.

Chris invited a friend from work and his family to the campground to cook out. We are going to be cooking: rib-eye steak, chicken, tuna steaks (gross, lol), potato salad, green bean casserole, cup cakes, and sour dough bread (courtesy of me, Ms. Betty Cracker).

I made biscuits and sausage this morning. Tried to make gravy. I have ALWAYS had the most amazing gravy. Something went really wrong today. It was horrendous. Burned your throat and was horrible. Chris thinks a chemical got in it somehow. I think the grease burned and combined with the wild taste from the hog sausage made it that way. Anyhow, we had to throw it out and my stomach is still turning from the 3 bites I took.

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