Friday, April 2, 2010

Life between the RV and corporate housing

We have two option here...corporate housing and the RV. Our dogs are at the RV, so that makes it nice. Also having a playground, pool, dog park, and so forth. That makes it extra nice. So, we stay some at CH but find ourselves here at the RV more. Plus, we can cook real meals here. CH only has a micro and fridge (there is a grill downstairs, but REALLY?).

Anyhow, I am enjoying it. We are getting back on track with homeschooling (took a break for the pack and big move) and I am feeling revitalized and full of anticipation for what life holds for us here.

This park is super nice. We had went to another one but it was NASTY. I mean totally flat out NASTY. I sat at the table and I cried. Then the phone rang, it was the guy from this park letting me know a spot had opened up. PRAISE JESUS. I love how the Lord provided for us. Hubby and I both had a horrible feeling there, like something so bad would happen.


  1. I wanna see pictures of all this excitement! I would LOVE an RV!!!

  2. Pictures...hmm, I need to pull out my camera. :D


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