Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Schoolhouse Expo coming up-First session TONIGHT!!!

Tonight is the first session of the Schoolhouse Expo! It is not the main session, but some of the great material from the two bonus nights which are tonight and the 29th.

There is still time to register and along with it get your grab bag full of goodies worth over $300! There will also be doorprizes.

Malia Russell will speak tonight on: (from here)

Managing the Multi-Level Homeschool
With several children in different grades, it can be difficult to keep everyone on track and moving at the appropriate pace. This practical workshop will teach you the ideas and techniques we (and others) have employed to effectively manage many grades at once. While homeschooling my four children (and at times babysitting others full-time), I spent a significant amount of time researching and learning from mothers of many more children than I had. Using their wisdom, I put these ideas to work for me and am so glad I did! Change the mayhem to peace and order, and get the important things accomplished in your home school day.

Teaching the Difficult Child

Do you have a difficult child? Is everything a struggle? What do you do when one of your children is just “different” and you struggle daily with self-control, patience, and loving kindness?

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