Monday, April 12, 2010

Please pray...

We had a water line in our RV bust. Well, I guess it had been leaking since we got it, as the floor behind the panel is all mildewed and buckled. So, it has to go in for service. We have to go to the hotel. Our dogs have to go to foster homes until we can take them back.

On top of that, Michaela started public school today. I can hear the collective gasp. It broke my heart, as she doesn't want to be there but Daddy decided she has to "try" it until the end of the school year to see if she likes it here better than where we were. She cried when I left her, begging me not to. About killed me. So, I sobbed my way out the door. I just pray she does well and is okay for the next 7 weeks until she can be in the comfort zone of Momma again. :(

It's just been a rough day. :(

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