Saturday, May 14, 2011

As long as it's healthy, it's good, right?


Does that tomato look as appealing when you know that it's DNA was combined with frog DNA in order to make it heartier and more resistant to cold weather? What about the corn with it's DNA modified with bacteria to produce an insecticide in  it so it wards off insects when being grown? Let's talk about the antibiotics that are put into many veggies to make them last longer?  Do you realize that those antibiotics in your food (meat included) not only alter your own bodies ability to fight off bacteria, but it also lessens the chances that a prescription antibiotic will work for you if you need it. No wonder super bacteria is so prevalent.

I have recently read two articles I think everyone should read. Firstly, I was astonished at a link between GMO (genetically modified food) and infertility (amond many other things). No wonder it is also so prevalent.

Please read those blogs/articles and think it over. ARE what you EAT! Photobucket

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  1. It's really a shame that when Organic foods are available in the market they are priced SO MUCH higher than the other stuff! (Reminds me I need to check out the link you sent me). Seeing Tucker's arm continue to get worse despite being on antibiotics made a true believer out of me about the resistant bacteria!


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